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What Are The Benefits Of Baling Your Cardboard Waste?

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If your company has to dispose of a lot of cardboard packaging, then you might currently put this waste out for your regular waste or recycling pickups. However, if you have large volumes of cardboard waste, then you should consider investing in a baler.

These machines compact cardboard and tie them into bales. What are the advantages of using baling to get rid of your waste cardboard?

Make Money From Your Waste

You might indirectly pay to have your waste cardboard removed at the moment. If your waste management company collects your cardboard with your general waste, then you might need to schedule frequent collections to get cardboard off your site.

Even if your waste management company doesn't directly charge you to take your cardboard, every general pickup they make costs you money. If you bale your cardboard, you reduce the number of collections you need. You could also create a new revenue stream.

Some cardboard recycling companies pay businesses for waste cardboard. Baling maximizes the money you could make and gives you more paid recycling opportunities.

You'll be paid by weight here. Baling compresses cardboard and removes air from it. It turns a large light pile into a small heavy package with a greater dollar value. Plus, many companies who do pay for this recycling pay more for bales as they are easier to handle.

Reduce Your Storage Space Needs

If you collect your cardboard packaging until you have enough to recycle, then you have to find somewhere to store your waste. Loose cardboard takes up a surprisingly large amount of room. You might not be able to store enough cardboard until you have a viable amount to sell.

When you bale cardboard waste, you reduce its volume. Baling machines can take a lot of cardboard and turn it into a small cube. Bales stack up easily and don't take up too much room.

As well as reducing your storage space problems, bales give you an extra way to improve the money you earn when you sell them. The price of cardboard fluctuates. So, you will make more money if you can sell it when its price is high.

If you have the space to store bales, then you can hang on to them until market conditions are favorable. You can wait to sell when prices are at their highest.

To find out more about the benefits of baling your cardboard waste, contact local commercial cardboard recycling companies like Mid America Paper Recycling Co.