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Where To Find Metal For Recycling When Tearing Down An Old Home

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Are you in the middle of demolishing an old home? If so, many of the materials you end up with in the end don't necessarily have to go into a dumpster. In fact, a lot of components can be recycled, and, that recycled many could put some money back in your pocket to cover expenses. Two of the most valuable metals to look for in a home are aluminum and copper. Both of these metals fetch a nice price at a metal recycling service.

If you know where to look, you may be able to take several pounds of these recyclable metals in exchange for cash. Take a look at a few places to find metal for recycling during the home demolition process. 

Plumbing Pipes  

While most modern homes are plumbed with pipes made of different types of plastic, older homes are often outfitted with pipes made of different types of metal. One type of metal to look for specifically is copper metal pipes. Copper recycling services accept copper pipes because they are created from solid material, and you could have a valuable haul if the house has a lot of copper pipes. 

Door Components 

From door hinges and door knobs to internal locking mechanisms, these door components in older homes can be crafted from recyclable metals. While most older doors are made with iron and steel components, you can find some parts that are made with copper. For example, it was not uncommon for copper door knobs to be used because the metal has a nice hue. 

Bathroom Fixtures 

Before dropping old bathroom fixtures in the dumpster, evaluate them to see what kind of metal they are made out of. Both the major fixtures like tubs and sinks to the smaller fixtures like faucets and faucet handles could be aluminum, copper, or another recyclable metal. 

Electrical Wiring 

Electrical wires are most often crafted from copper because copper does a good job of carrying a current. If you pull out old wiring during the demolition process, peel back the outer casing to see what kind of wiring is beneath. You can take the wire to the copper recycling services as it is or strip off the outer casing to possibly get a better price per pound. 

HVAC Equipment 

Several parts and components in old heating and cooling systems are made of metal, and you may even find some valuable metals like aluminum and copper. For example, the exterior condenser unit may have encasement walls that are made with finned aluminum. 

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