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3 Things To Know Before You Start Collecting Metal Scrap

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Many people collect scrap metal and sell it back to get some extra money. Metal is endlessly recyclable, so when people sell back scrap, the scrap buyer can turn around and sell the metal to recyclers so it can be processed. When you collect scrap metal to sell, you will be happy with any metal you find, but the jackpot will be copper. Copper is relatively rare, which makes it valuable. It is also used in many settings, making it in high demand. If you are going to collect and sell scrap copper, then there are things you need to know what will help you get the most you can from your work. 

Ask Permission

The first thing you need to know is that you ask permission to take the metal, especially when it comes to copper. If you go on property without permission and take the metal, you can end up under arrest, which will end up costing you a lot of time and money.  

Copper Grading

You should be familiar with the way that copper is graded. The various grades of copper are going to give you different prices. If you are familiar with the grades, you can sort the copper into individual grades before you take the copper to the scrap yard to sell. It can save you time when you are selling because then the buyer doesn't have to do it before they can offer you a price. 

Strip the Wires

If you have a lot of copper wire in your collection, one thing to do is to strip the wires. Taking that insulation off the wire will let you earn more per pound because you aren't getting paid for the added weight from the insulation. Stripping the wires is pretty easy. You can buy a wire stripper from a hardware or home improvement store. You can also create a jig using a board, nails, and a razor blade. With the jig, you need to feed the wire into the jig and pull it through. No matter what method you choose to strip the wire, you may want to look into some work gloves to wear while doing it so that you don't hurt your hands. 

Collecting scrap metal is a way to earn some extra money. Copper is the best metal to collect. If you are going to collect copper, you need to make sure that you are familiar with some things before you start. 

For more information, contact a copper scrap recycling service near you.