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Tips For Handling Scrap Metal Before Taking It To A Recycling Facility

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If you have some scrap metal to deal with, then you might be thinking about taking it to a scrap metal recycling facility. If it's your first time doing this, then you might be looking for some beginner's tips. These are all simple tips that will help you handle scrap metal in a better way, which will probably make scrap metal recycling easier for you than you might think.

Protect Yourself

The first and most important thing that you should focus on when you're handling scrap metal is protecting yourself. Metal can have sharp edges, and there might be nails, screws, or other sharp objects mixed in with the metal, too. Make sure that you wear thick, protective gloves, long sleeves, and pants when you're working with scrap metal, even if it doesn't seem to be sharp or dangerous.

Bring a Magnet

It's a good idea to have a strong magnet on hand when you're working with scrap metal. This will help you identify ferrous and non-ferrous metal. A magnet will stick to most ferrous metals but will not stick to non-ferrous metals, so identifying your metal should be pretty easy if you have a magnet with you, even if you are a beginner. In general, non-ferrous metals are more valuable when you're selling scrap metal, although it's a good idea to recycle all scrap metal that you might have lying around. After all, this is a good way to get rid of it in an environmentally friendly way, and you will still get paid something for ferrous metals.

Sort and Clean Your Metal

Sort your non-ferrous and ferrous metal into separate piles; you'll want to scrap like metals together so you will get paid as much money for them as possible. Otherwise, you will just get paid for mixed metals at a lower rate. "Clean" your metal by removing any non-metal parts and components from it, if possible. You don't have to worry about wiping down the metal if you don't want to, although you may want to knock off any caked-on mud or dirt that might be present.

Find Out When the Scrap Metal Recycling Facility is Open

You don't want to load up your truck and trailer with scrap metal and drive to a scrap metal recycling center only to find that they are not open. Therefore, you should call ahead to find out when the scrap metal recycling facility will be open. You can inquire about daily scrap metal rates when you call ahead, too, so you can get an idea of how much you will be paid for the metal that you are recycling.

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