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3 Reasons To Take Up Copper Recycling In Your Business

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Copper has been the top recycled industrial metal for several years. Copper is 100% recyclable. Moreover, the material is versatile and can be used to make different products, from electronics to piping. That makes copper a highly demanded material for industrial processes.

For this reason, you should consider recycling copper from your business. Copper recycling offers numerous benefits to your company and the surrounding environment. Here are the benefits that copper recycling brings. 

1. Protects the Environment

Copper is vital for both plant and animal health. Therefore, it is crucial to have some copper left in its natural state to promote plant and animal health. Recycling copper promotes this concept as it reduces the need to mine more copper. Currently, the world has only mined and consumed a small percentage of the known copper reserves. However, copper is not an infinitely renewable resource. Therefore, once you mine copper, it is gone. Moreover, it takes up a lot more energy to process copper from the ore than to recycle it. 

On the other hand, recycling copper protects the environment and reduces the chances of producing harmful waste. That's because copper mining and processing release various harmful elements into the environment, such as sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is the primary element needed in creating acid rain, as it forms sulfuric acid when mixed with air and water. Acid rain has various negative effects such as deforestation, acidic waterways, and dead aquatic life. 

2. Grows the Economy

Copper recycling takes up a lot less energy than new copper mining and refining. That way, companies spend less money manufacturing copper products from recycled copper than newly mined copper. Therefore, using recycled copper reduces the prices of copper products like electrical cables and plumbing. That means projects such as new plumbing installation take up less money. Moreover, the United States produces its copper supply and also exports to other countries. Therefore, recycling helps the country remain at the top of copper-producing countries and maintain self-sufficiency.

3. Reduces Waste at Landfills

If copper is not recycled, most of this valuable resource will end up in landfills. However, there is a high demand for space in landfills, increasing the prices of dumping waste. Moreover, buying waste metal, like copper, leads to environmental damage. So, it is best to recycle copper to prevent it from taking up a lot of space in landfills. 

Recycling copper is excellent for your business. Therefore, you should consider taking up the project or hiring experts to help you with the process. That way, you can enjoy the benefits listed above. Contact a copper recycling company for more information.