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Getting The Most From Your Old Business IT Equipment When Doing Major Renovations

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When completing major renovations and overhauling a business, IT equipment often needs to be replaced. This equipment is usually tossed in dumpster bins and ends up in landfills. This has changed, and there are options to recycle computers and electrical equipment. How can you benefit from recycling your old IT equipment when overhauling your business?

1. Remove and strip all old wires and cables

Start preparing the old computers and electronics by disconnecting the wiring. The wires are full of copper and valuable materials that can be recycled. To get to the valuable metal inside wires, you should have someone strip them of their insulated covers. Break down all the wires and put them with any other copper materials you plan on recycling. The copper from all the old cabling can be sold as scrap metal with other materials.

2. Evaluate IT equipment and its condition for reselling possibilities

The equipment that you are removing from your business may just be getting upgraded to better systems. Sometimes, these electronics are still in good condition and can be used by other businesses. You may want to resell some of the IT equipment that is removed. Electronics equipment that can resell includes:

  • Old phone server and switch equipment
  • Server cabinets and modern disk modules
  • POS computers, screens, and equipment
  • Newer switches, routers, and networking equipment
  • Surveillance cameras, screens, and equipment

This is the equipment that you can resell to help pay for upgrading to new systems. This equipment should be modern enough to have value. If the equipment is too old and outdated, it will be better to recycle it than try to sell it.

3. Break down your old electrical and IT equipment to prepare for recycling

The old equipment that is removed may be in old racks and cabinets. The cases, frames, and other materials that housed the IT systems can be recycled on their own. Therefore, you will want to breakdown the equipment to know what can be recycled as scrap metal and what should go to the electronics recycling service. Usually, any metal racks and cases for the equipment can be scrapped with other tin and metal materials that are being removed from your business.

Computer recycling services can help you recover resources and put money back into your business. Call a computer recycling service and talk to them about these solutions to turn your old equipment into cash resources.