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How Roll Off Dumpsters Can Help You Clean Up After A Flood

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Returning to your home after a major flood disaster can be overwhelming, highly emotional and extremely stressful. You may be faced with going through all your property to determine if any of it is salvageable. While you may have plenty of your things that can be refurbished, repaired and saved, you may also have a lot of property that will need to be thrown away. During this time of high stress and emotional pain, it is easiest to rent a dumpster for putting all the property too damaged by flood waters to keep.

A Dumpster Gives You Greater Chances Of Organizational Clean-Up

You may feel overwhelmed at the huge amount of cleaning necessary for getting your home back after a flood. You more than likely feel unsure of where to start cleaning. If you have a dumpster outside a door, you can start tossing items into it that you know will no longer be of use. Before you know it, you will have a path cleared and an idea of direction for your clean-up efforts.

Keeping Up With The Property You Toss Out Is Important

Hanging a clipboard with a pen and paper on the dumpster is important. Every time you toss something into the dumpster, be sure to take a photo of it and write it down. This list can be helpful when you discuss your losses with your insurance company. Bear in mind that all your property in your home can be claimed against your insurance for getting the compensation necessary for replacing it.

Two Dumpsters Can Be Better Than One

Some of the items you will need to take out of your home as soon as possible after a flood because it may be too dangerous to leave in it. For example, carpeting and the padding underneath it are prime areas for deadly mold to start growing, especially if the moisture in them is from dirty, bacteria-filled flood water. Having a dumpster designated for property you know is filthy and needs to be out fast can be a good way to limit your exposure to bacteria that could make you sick. A second dumpster is also good for items like wet sheet rock and wall coverings you may not claim on insurance as individual items. These are items you can put on your list under one heading like 'walls' 'floors'.

Having a couple of dumpsters outside when you are in the midst of flood clean up is a good idea. When they get full, you do not have to worry about hauling their contents away. Having their contents hauled away is as easy as a phone call. Once the dumpsters are emptied, they can be returned empty so you can continue cleaning up and getting your home back on track without interruptions of driving to the landfill.

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